Is English the only available language on the program? And is there any way to change the measurement units?

With the program’s built-in support for 22 languages (click the Globe button), we obviously have big plans for spreading the  Photo Creations magic around the world.  Clicking on the (Globe button) also gives you the ability to change the measurement units.

I have made an error after submitting my order. Is there any way to cancel or change my order?

In most cases, orders process so fast that there isn’t time to change them, but our customer support staff will do its best to help you perfect your order.

Can i make a creation and save it to an usb and print it at local store?? And if so how do i do it?

You can create and save projects onto external devices to share with friends.  Although you cannot take the external drive to a local store and print them, you can print many projects from your home computer or choose the ‘pick up at store’ option and then click ‘print and order’ and your order will automatically come to the Creative Photo Lab

Do You Deliver?

Yes , we have can deliver to your door within 2-5 days , If you live/work within the Southern Suburbs Area then Delivery is Free , otherwise we Charge R79.00 For Delivery , Nationwide.

(We also have a international courier service available , please contact us for more info)

Do you ever add to the available designs and themes?

We add new themes as often and regularly as possible. In the last few months we added holiday and business themes.

Hi, I can’t seem to drag ‘n’ drop pages to move them around in a project. Can anyone help?

In general, you can move pages by dragging them left or right in the scrolling list at the bottom of the screen.
Tip: If you click the lock icon between pages to unlock them, you can drag each half of a page spread independently and after dragging the pages to the correct places remember to re-lock the lock which appears in between the pages.

I was on the website looking for some sort of download that lets me play around with the pictures using different techniques like Sepia, Sharpness, Oil Painting…etc.

You’ll find tinting and other creative effects in the Touch-Up tools section of the software. Under the Touch-Up tools there are options such as Airbrush, Photo Tints or Transparency. Try the copy-to-background command as well.

Does the software run on all versions of Windows?

The software also runs on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.5 and newer.

How many photos can I put on a layout page?

The limit per page used to be eight photos, now it is unlimited , u can add as many Photos, Placeable Graphics or text as the page will hold.

How do I design my personalised t-shirt ?

All you have to do is design a collage print (ie. 4 x 6 collage Print) and submit it and then contact us to inform us that you want the template design on your t-shirt. The same process can be applied for printing onto mugs, puzzles,mouse pads, and other personalised gifts.

Will microwaving a mug affect the picture?

No. The ceramic mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

What is the difference between posters, collages and enlargements?

Prints and enlargements allow one photo per item, this is the same as if you were reprinting or enlarging an existing picture or negative. The collage prints and posters are multi-photo items that utilize the layouts you create with our software.

What are the sizes of the different products offered?

You can click the Info & Prices button to the left of the main picture when any product is selected to see product information, sizing, and options.

Can I arrange text on my layouts any way I like?

Yes, the software gives you a lot of creative features to add, format and edit text. Just click Add Text Box and position it where desired. You may drag the box to other areas of your page if you want to change its position. Use the adjustment arrows to rotate the text or make the box smaller.

Why do I see a Low Res Warning?

Many older images on Facebook are low-resolution, meaning they’re too small to print clearly. If you want to use your Facebook images in a photo creation, but you see the little yellow warning triangle on a photo in your layout, just reduce the size of the photo until the warning sign disappears.

What type of photo file formats can be uploaded?

BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG (JPEG) are all supported and the program will not allow the loading of any other file types.

Is there a way for me to receive regular updates or tips?

Yes. Find and Like us on Facebook and with the regular updates and tips loaded daily you will find that you will be able to create your photo products with ease. You can also ask a question on our Facebook wall and your question will be answered.

How do I pay for my order?

After submitting your order to us , you will receive an Order Number (this is the last step of the submission process) ,  we will  then contact you via e-mail  with our Easy Payment Options .

The options are that you can pay via  EFT , Credit Card , or you can pay at the store.

Please note : Production can only begin on receipt of payment.

How long until my order is ready?

Most products will only take a day to be ready.

We will Contact you as soon as your order is ready for Collection

I received an sms voucher , how do I redeem it?

When we send you the payment details , you will find a voucher redemption block.

You will need to insert the Voucher Details as per your SMS , and the amount will be deducted from your total.

Haven’t Quite Found an Answer for your Question Here ?

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